Transformation takes dedication, and ambitious goals take commitment. The truth is, what holds you back is not your talents or capabilities, it's fear.

It’s alright to be frightened, but it is not alright to let that fear stop you. while we're motivated by our dreams and aspirations, we're also simultaneously seduced by our old unproductive routines and habituated patterns of thought and behavior. Without systems, the right mindset, and a clear vision these tend to wear us down and eventually drain our energy and diminish our motivation. We fall back into telling ourselves we're just not good enough, Strong enough. Smart enough. Daring enough. And then, even though we know what to do, we don’t take the actions to follow through on our goals and future selves.

Together we will identify what’s holding you back, and learn to move past fear. You will discover how to take large-scale action and stay stead-fast and committed to your goals and future self during periods of uncertainty and change. We’ll chart the course and take the journey to make your dream life your reality.


My mission is to inspire, guide, coax, challenge, and empower others to live successful, meaningful, and fulfilling lives of their own creation.

I believe to realize your own unique brilliance, pursue a life that fulfills you, and to strive to make the most of yourself is the very best thing you can do for the whole world. By choosing to become the hero in our own lives we in turn become a hero to the world. Our influence vitalizes and we collectively make this world a better place.

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Project & Production Manager at AIPAC

“Jon has had, and continues to have, the most profound impact on my life. He’s empowered me to believe in myself- both my internal and physical self- he’s empowered me to speak up, find my…


Jon has had a *significant* impact on my life. One of my favorite things about Jon is that he practices what he preaches. He leads by example and that’s something extremely important to me as…


Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Incredible coach, mentor, and friend. Prior to working with Jon, I was lost, afraid, confused, experiencing depression and anxiety, and uncertain of where I was going next. I had an idea of what I wanted…


Musical Artist (chae)

A couple years ago I had the pleasure of working with Jon. He managed me as a creative and supported me like no other. I remember the night we talked about my project (this was…