My Story

Hi my name is Jon Macdonald and these are some of my truths. For much of my life I’ve been a volunteer of my environment. I’ve bought into the belief that “unfair” things always happen to me, people are out to get me, and life is full of “hard knocks”. I’ve spent years not trusting myself, valuing other people’s opinions of who I was more than my own opinion. I’ve accepted and bought into the labels that people and society gave me. I’ve been a people pleaser, I’ve had “no direction in life,” I’ve been “lost,” “powerless,” “addicted” and I’ve been “afraid. I’ve viewed the world through a “victim’s” lens and felt powerless to change my circumstance. I’ve struggled with self-esteem, self-worth, and self-acceptance. I’ve envied others, and felt no matter how much I achieved, they were doing something bigger and better. I’ve used and abused drugs and alcohol in excess and to near death to avoid responsibility and to cover up the creeping sense of never being adequate, never being enough; unlovable. I’ve relapsed. I’ve lost loved ones, gone through heartache, and I’ve felt lonely. I’ve struggled with my health, my weight, and my self-image. I’ve struggled financially. I’ve been bullied, beaten, and I’ve failed.


I’ve also used all of that. It was a part of my journey. I’ve been able to look back and see that everything I used to complain about in my past was actually there for my benefit. I’ve adopted the belief that life is happening for me and not to me, including all of my pain, setbacks, disappointments, and challenges. Through it, I’ve cultivated grit and resilience. I’ve become my own coach, guide, mentor, hero, and best friend. I’ve developed a self reliance and trust in myself that has served me in completely transforming my life and redefining how I look at and interact with the world. I’ve become the creator and shaper of my environment, the molder of meaning, and the director of my life. I’ve learned to control my emotions and frame my experiences in a resourceful and empowering manner. I’ve upgraded my mindset, rewrote old limiting beliefs that held me back, and completely changed parts of my personality and identity that no longer served me. I’ve dropped my addiction to drugs, alcohol, people-pleasing, and victim thinking. And, I’ve picked up and developed principles, routines, mental models, and habits that have and will continue to serve me for the rest of my life. Through this, I’ve engineered a lifestyle of healthy living and peak performance. One that enables me to keep learning, growing, and pushing myself to even greater heights.

My Purpose

My purpose is to empower others to live successful, meaningful, and fulfilling lives of their own creation. When I was at my darkest point, when I needed it most, I discovered personal development along with the teachers, coaches, guides, and mentors I needed. Through this I realized I was so much more powerful than I ever had imagined. It was a life changing thought for me to realize that I had everything inside of me to change my life. I awakened to the fact that my life was mine to create and direct. It is now my mission to guide, coax, challenge, and empower others on their own path. To take my pain and transmute it in the most beautiful way I know-how; To assist others in alleviating their own pain and suffering, become more self-aware, discover what has been keeping them “stuck”, and create more success, stability, and fulfillment in all areas of their life.

And I'd love to be a part of that journey with you.